Kappa Pi is an international honorary art fraternity with the purpose of uniting artists who care about art in its role in life. This fraternity bonds conscientious artists together to form a unit which is influential in the art department as well as the community.


To become a member of Kappa Pi, one must first meet the minimum requirements:

1. Completion of 12 semester hours in art

2. Attainment of an overall "B" average in all art courses

3. An overall academic average of "C"

4. Produces outstanding artwork


If one meets these minimum requirements then he/she is eligible for membership in Kappa Pi. Students may be selected for membership in Kappa Pi by the following ways:


1. Through nominations by several faculty members of the art department


2. Portfolio review


If you are starting a new or reactivated chapter, a portfolio committee made up of the chapter advisors and one or more art department faculty members could review a student portfolio of five or more works. The next year the portfolio committee could be made up of two chapter advisors, or faculty members and three or more student Kappa Pi members (usually chapter officers). Portfolio evaluation criteria could include ratings on the quality of work, content, craftsmanship and the presentation of each work. This portfolio evaluation criteria should be passed on to the student before the portfolio is submitted.


Art history majors are chosen mainly on their academic standing. Each chapter can decide how new members are selected.